The Home Buying Process

Let’s say you order a piece of furniture that comes to your home.  You open the box to find that the furniture is in 17 different pieces, with 56 different screws, bolts and connectors.  And you can’t find the instructions.  You panic.  What if you have to navigate putting that furniture together with no instructions?  Sure, maybe you could look at the box and see the final product, but what about all the steps and pieces in between?  As you desperately search the box, you look back through the piles of packaging and WHEW, you find the instructions.  Almost immediately, your stress level and heart rate return to normal, you read the instructions and make your way.

Home Buying is NO DIFFERENT.  You need an instructional book, or in this case, and Realtor with a plan!

The home buying process can be overwhelming and a bit stressful.  Having a seasoned agent on your side to help you navigate your way through the home buying process is extremely important!

There’s a lot to think about: knowing if you are ready, financing, deciding what you want, finding the home, making an offer, working through contract and financing contingencies and then closing.  What if you run into home inspection issues?  What about your appraisal contingency?  What does the title attorney do?

Think you are ready for the next step?  Contact me and let’s set up a time to chat about my Home Buyer’s Assistance Program!  I’d love to help your home buying dreams a reality!

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